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BUFFALO SOLDIER, LISTEN TO ME BuffaloSoldier salutes George W. Bush. No, not THAT George Bush. I'm relieved those thoughts of quitting were just idle musings, SoulDoctor. Whew. In the words of Bill Cosby, "Don't do that." Anyway, I read another post and thought it important to be clear about BuffaloSoldier. The Soldiers' history is indeed storied. But the men themselves were conflicted.
(As would anyone be coming from 'prison camps and slavery') These were not Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, heroes that sing. These were men who knew they were pitted against other nonwhites but had few options. There's a scene in the wonderful Buck and The Preacher, where Buck beseeches the "Indians" for help, and the Chief angrily reminds him his people fought with the "white-eyes"
Our history here is storied right now. And History has recruited us (drafted us?) into being
the modern version of the Soldier. Far removed from heroes that sing. I'm the conflicted BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

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