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TELL ME WHEN WILL THEY CALL YOU A MAN- BuffaloSoldier salutes Alex Yates.
SoulDoctor, I tried to will Corzine through. But the corruption and other issues...well, when I got to the polling place, there was maybe one other person there. I have to bring this back to the LionKing and identity politics. Building a movement around one man means once that man is in or out, the movement is over. There was absolutely zero buzz on the streets of Newark about Corzine. As for the TeaParty folks kicking their "moderates" to the curb. Great stuff! Great stuff! The reichwing
repulsican wins does all of us good. It's already paying off. Owens walzes in. As for Virgina(right next to Maryland, right? Virgin Mary?) That's always been a difficult read. This, I have to add.Meb Keflezighi became the first "American" to win the NYC marathon in 27 years. He finished ahead of the Kenyan. PLEASE! He was the absolute definition of a ringer.
Those Eritian legs were brought in to offset the Kenyan. I'm reminded of the office manager who hires the ex ball player for his softball team. The ball player's official job? maintainance czar. This secs up an interesting
observation on the LionKing himself. I'll have to explore that one later. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve his message.


holybook sounds interesting --- what's that about, or would you rather not say at this stage?

the artwork on this site rocks --- are you the artist? Especially like the black and white drawing of the guitarist. The full color one is pretty great too --- would absolutely match the color scheme of my blog. If I were to ensure all the appropriate attributions were made, would you give me permission to carry your artwork on my blog?

Being an australian, I'm not personally affected by USA health reform or lack thereof. But I support the concept of free healthcare for all. In Australia we have a system called "Medicare" which ensures everyone can access healthcare services at zero or little cost.

Hope youy don't mind --- I'm adding "rootwork" to my blogroll (under heading of "other domains"). I hope you will come and visit... There's some interesting stuff to read, and some cool music to bathe your ears in.

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

the rootsblog: a cyberhoodoo webspace

arthur flowers

not my artwork, just work i take off internet mostly, sgould make better effort to attribute, some of it i dont know who it belongs too, will check out your blog, thanks for porops

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