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TELL ME WHEN WILL THEY CALL YOU A MAN BuffaloSoldier salutes LIBGEN. You know, SoulDoctor, I don't know if you read Joseph Heller's GOOD AS GOLD. He's one of the best comic/serious writers I ever read. In GOOD AS GOLD, Gold, the main charactor, has been commished by a publishing company to write about The Jewish Experience. The deadline is coming up and he's frantic. He runs about
having the very Jewish Experience, he can't seem to pin down in print. I read your blog and actually saw a humanistic, HooDoo novel with hugely deep, Invisible Man like proportions. I mean it's all there. The seemingly failed writer, envy of a writer he hasn't even read, (That nobel thing could be as political as anything else. Remember that committee doesn't even recognize American writing as serious. And Mueller's selection is actually being challenged on these chores)
the adoption and its understandable problems, the sister-all just waiting to be woven into print by a HooDoo craftsman. YOU ARE SOULDOCTOR BROTHER HOODOO FLOWERS OF THE CLAN FLOWERS. YOU HAVE YOUR MANDATE. one last thing: how dare you be dismissive of DE MOJO BLUES? It's only forgettable to those without memory. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this swift kick in the butt.


thank you for your insight, Sir. I most certainly hope things turn out well for your sister, and Ms. Grace, and hope all smooths out on the home-front.

I was very moved by your confessions of/as an aging literary agent; "striving to stay one step ahead of [your] grad students" in an ever-"tightening" literary world. This painted a very vivid image for me, not necessarily of a race, but still of y'all running...As you talked more and more about your novel efforts I could see you trying to muster a sprint after a 10 year marathon - not an easy task. Perhaps I even became concerned for myself, fearing that I would someday end up in a similar spot...and knowing I've already wasted enough time to one day find my self disappointed and ashamed of my efforts....

But then I found great motivation in knowing that after so many years in the business you have not given up. And, knowing a little about the preparation it takes to perform, I am very grateful for the time you somehow find in your busy schedule to respond courteously to the requests of your friends and colleagues; for I had the wonderful experience of seeing and hearing you two weeks ago at our Underground Poetry Spot, and it was an experience I will not soon forget. In those brief moments I learned plenty about plenty, lets just leave it at that. Thank you for your contribution to our unique gathering.

Furthermore, it looks like I've found a spot to do some heavy reading!!! Best of luck with the novel and with all things personal and dear to you, Mr. Flowers. I hope to see you around and on that MacArthur List, too!!! You deserve it...

michael gaut
aka "mic" Tha Poet

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