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IN THE 1800S,DOWN IN ARIZONA AND MEXICO BuffaloSoldier salutes BAM. No, not the LionKing. BlackAmericanMothers. I read the SoulDoctor's blog and was reminded why I call him SoulDoctor. The full emphasis on SOUL. I looked at that soulful picture of his mother and pulled out the picture of my own mother that I keep with me always. The features, the eyes. All that has happened to them. All that they've ever done. All in those eyes, those features. Mom left in '68. I was very alone in my grief. Since I was one of the very few that lost a mother. See, we were teenagers then. We're all nearly sixty now and everybody is losing folks. Since I was there first, I've become something of an unofficial counselor. And let me miss a funeral. I once got a cousin's date mixed up and her granddaughter
berated me. "Why wasn't you at Mom's funeral?" Dozens and dozens of people at the funeral and I was missed. That cousin had a daughter that brought her home from the hospital and kept her until her time came. SoulDoctor, I'm trying to be a comfort. As my family was a comfort for me.
This is clumsy, to be sure. And I'm not saying everything. But, as you know, I'm from Philly. A song came from there that's become the anthem for mother's day. I'LL ALWAYS LOVE MY MAMA by the Intruders. See if you can find the long version. And may that ride with you on your way to the Delta.
I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this clumsy, off comment day message.

arthur flowers

good looking out


THERE CAME A BRAND NEW SOLDIER BuffaloSoldier salutes TheSpookWhoSatByTheDoor. New evidence suggesting that we're all sitting by the door nowadays. The Palin Factor is in full swing. And her get-fresh crew, the templars, RudyRushSeanMichele, figure they see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the short run, they're succeeding in Black Americanizing the face of The LionKing. They're decrying the decision to try the guilty in the very scene of the crime. They're also saying The LionKing is taking too long to make up his mind about Afganistan. That sounds very familiar to this Black American. "You folks just can't make up your minds!" Well, Stud from Spook had an answer for all of them. "Sheeeeeit!" I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

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