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I am with you on that one rdoc, we must have 21st Century Literacy as Afro-Blues people, racism of the past is not here, but Ethnicity remains and will be with us for many eons. The whole idea of the bi-human, human and animal was ours, now it is the human and the robot, and we have a population that is so under-educated. How are our youth going to play the game? And our girls are doing better than the boys, not good.
Our girl Katarina, from Philly not doing good. Give her a holler.



THEY WANTED TO DESERT BuffaloSoldier salutes WillieMitchell/SashaObama/JustinCooms Someone has to examine what the repulsicans are about. I guess that why there are BuffaloSoldiers. They actually call the LionKing, Socialist in chief. I certainly wouldn't balk if that were the case. But there are some facts to consider. Now I've said I don't comment on a sitting President's policy(the exception being George W Bush because he wasn't elected.) Voting for a President is making a bed. You lay in that bed. But with so many BlackAmericans invested in the LionKing,(His poll numbers among Blacks remain stable, while plummeting eslewhere) I think it's fair to point out a few things. Like Health Reform, for example. Under this proposal( subject to change) hospital executives, insurance companies and drug makers will prosper. Mandatory coverage for the poor? No public option?
Let's talk about the Treasury Department giving $93 million to Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway for a wind farm. Yes, that Warren Buffet. $115 million in wind subsides went to D.E. Shaw group's First Wind. Yes, the hedge fund that paid Lawrence Summers $5.2 millioin a year for that one-day-a-week job. A year before he became a top economic aide to the Lionking.
$8 billion in subsides also went to Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway for a high speed rail. The wealthy Fords accepted $5,9 billion for the electric "green cars"
Speaking of those cars, Tesla owned by Google billionaires Surgey Bin and Larry Page, along with Hyatt Hotel guy Nick Pritzker, got a cool $465 milliion dollar government loan.
Fisker, owned by oil rich emirate of Qatar, wasn't about to be outdone. It got $529 million.
DOE gave a $9 million grant to Du Pont. Seaweed research. They have the money. Why do they need the taxpayers?
Rockefella and Bronfman got thousands in crop subsidies.
Let's not forget we're also being taxed for the advantage fo rich team owners. Municipal bonds used to pay for those ballparks get fed tax exemptions. What's the rationale? Baseball fans, rail passengers, medical patients...everybody benefits when multimillionaires turn a buck. I've seen those fans, passengers, and patients. They don't look like they're making out so hot to me. And I go back to the coronation er inaugaration.
Watching the tears of the Jesse Jacksons, Lewis, and others. I can't believe those OldDogs fell for the new Trick. THE REPULSICANS THREW THE ELECTION. So they could come roaring back. And declaring a capitalist is actually a socialist is the beginning of the battle. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

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