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Karen L. Simpson (lafreya)

Happy to see you came up out for a moment. Interesting to hear a little about your process as you write. I can't wait to read the novel. Guess I'm not that disappointed in the President. I expected that he would spend most of this year just trying to keep the ship of state from going completely under after eight years of Bush stupidity. Considering what could have been if McCain and Palin had been elected I'm okay with this for now. A really turbulent year is just not long enough to tell how the presidents going to do. I'm hoping for better in the future.

arthur flowers

hello lafreya, im w/you, been feeling a little defensive about my support of obama these days but he still my boy, just trying to get a little perspective on where i put my hopes and dreams


YOU KNOW MANY OTHER SOLDIERS BuffaloSoldier salutes NatTurner/GabrilProsser/DenmarkVesey How well do I remember that saying. "If you're White, you're right. If you're Brown, stick around, if you're Black, get back, get back." There's a wonderful Canadian import on television that comes on Sundays. It's called Da Vinci's inquest. It's about a coroner that is approached to run for the mayorlty of the city. He's asked to a meeting with an Asian woman, an East Indian man and a shadowly white man. I didn't get the significance until he raised all of the objections as to why he wouldn't win. In the end, he asked them if the city was ready for him. They exchange knowing glances and the woman says it's already in the bag. He protests the incumbent mayor isn't ready to concede. He'll concede, she says. That all sprung to mind, when "Negro Dialect" Reid's remark came to light. The LionKing was his boy long before he was BlackAmerica's. BlackAmerica didn't know the LionKing from Adam. But he was about to become known. Reid and others came to him, saying Bush has destroyed his party's chances and Clinton fatigue was real. I could see the knowing glances when the LionKing, like De vinci, threw up all of his objection. The major one, Race, probably jumped out of his mouth first. And Reid says, "A lighskinned AfricanAmerican with no Negro Dialect" is the future. Now the repulsicans can make some hay. Problem is, and here is a bad pun, the pot calling the kettle black. "Honest Injun" Micheal Steele harangues "Negro Dialect" Reid for insensitivity? Please! But there is a legitimate question here. In the grand scheme of things, exactly whose longgame is afoot? Reid's or the LionKing's? And if it's Reid's and the Democratic's party's, what is the endgame for BlackAmerica?
Remember our original mantra, "We have no permanent friends or permanent enemines, just permanent interests" I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

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