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THEY WERE TIRED OF THE HURT. BuffaloSoldier salutes Henrietta Lacks. Coming Soon: why I insist on calling Barack Hussein Obama the LionKing. Hint: I found the entire process, using the legitimate aspirations of BlackAmericas, to move a nonhistorical BlackMan to the forefront of the struggle, a Disney production. But a word on the Vodun. Haiti is under the gun for a very basic reason. IT BEAT THREE GREAT WESTERN POWERS and never, never apologized. FRANCE/SPAIN/ENGLAND. Think of a tiny country today beating AMERICA/CHINA/RUSSIA Then have the gaul(Yes,pun) to rub it in their faces by continuing to exist. After the quake, for example, the Haitians picked themselves up and there was the extraordinary scene of an outdoor barber. Let's not mention the number of people found alive two or three weeks later. This nation of the Vodun, a people who haven't copped out by trying to legitimize themselves by pretending only the BigThree religions can civilize, continues to impress And they're not demanding anyone other than one of their own to lead them. (Yes, slight dig) I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.


I will be waiting big brother finishing up something myself not a novel- Shay at BR justed posted a victory for Africville, Canada. Bravo Afro-Blues Folks

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