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THEY WERE TIRED OF THE HATRED BuffaloSoldier salutes Jasmina Anema. Often, the Soldier doesn't explain the salutes. They're BlackAmericans, the people the Soldiers had risked everything to protect and promote. But, today, SoulDoctor, I'm making the exception because I'm breaking a second protocal, and that's weighing in the fleeting and the topical. Precious, promoted by the three headed hydra,(in this case at least)WinfreyPerryHollywood, is the flavor of the moment. (I remember when it was the ColorPurple and the O'killens caution on PositivelyBlack)Before that it was ForColoredGirls and stormy angry words in our workshop. I was very hesitant to join in the chorus over MonsterBallPrecious because I heard enough voices that reflected mine. This is not like the LionKing where mine is the lone voice in this wilderness. But I have found a seam,right after huge tears over that BraveBrave BuffaloSoldier Jasmina.
For me, SoulDoctor,Precious, and I did not see it but I read a bit of the novel, is the bizzaro Jasmina. Ismail says whites and Blacks see the story differently. I hesitate to put the racial face on it, as I put the non progressive face on it. Hollywood is the triumph of the simplistic. Our actors are not their to promote consciousness but their own careers. Now if on occassion there is some sort of convergence, it's because the marketplace has taken the pulse of the tastes of that moment. Remember, we once had a movie out called TheSpookThatSatByTheDoor. (What's Sam Greeley's take on Precious?)Jasmina looked Cancer in the eye and said it may take but it's not beating me. And it's not beating us. She actually said one night, the night that broke me down, "It's not beating us, Mommy."
The PreciousMother not only let life beat her but her life made her it's bitch and she came home to inflict all of that hopelessness and insecurity on the daughter. In the book, Precious had her hand on the knife under the soapy water. She said she wasn't enduring one more beating. by this time in the book, the reader had taken the beating. Should Black Males, or more specifically BlackAmerican males, be more offended than any one else? I don't think so. I think we're all a bit shrunken when there is an attack on all of our sensibilities. Just as we're all enlarged when our Jasmina's say "it's not beating us." I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message

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