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SINCE THEY WANTED TO BE FREE BuffaloSoldier salutes EcholCole/RobertWalker Shapeshifter. That's one way of putting it. I've been saying all along The LionKing plays Identities. Black with the BlackPeople, Son of Immigrant with the Si, Se Puede crowd, Son of Africa, as expressed by Jerry Rollins and Qadifi, when in Ghana addressing the shortcomings of his father's native Kenya etc. At no point have I ever said these were false or even misleading identities. Just that anyone within the range of any of those identities should approach with caution. See, BlackAmerica, as you pointed out, SoulDoctor, and as one example, can't easily shapeshift or flip identities. Whether we like it or not, and ultimately, whether it's "fair" or not, We're seen as subculture,flashmobs,fifty killed in one Chicago week,cousin killing cousin over showing Easter leg. We're far from that identity in fact, but as we labor with that identity, you and I have chosen the route of novel writing to offset that torturous identity and our efforts make us more earthbound than is required to fly unencumbered through skies of changing identities. Our BlackAmerican identity will soar, though, when it is as commonplace to think of those Brothers who became doctors and made a Pact to remain in the city as it is to envisions flashmobs terrorizing our BlackStreets.
One last thing: The LionKing is very very smart. He pushed the idea of the census with his choosing Black/AfricanAmerican/Negro. Lifting the spirits of the %96 of the Black%96 that voted for him. (Infuriating the smaller less political significant BiRacialNation, by the way) But, those Biracials pointed out to me, at least, there was no block for them or him to push. You had to make a choose. And he certainly doesn't look white. Checking more than one block wasn't an option. One is not Black and White. One could be a mixture, though. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

arthur flowers

i also approve this message


Re plagiarism, I agree with most of what you say, and just to add also that providing the appropriate attribution doesn't make it any less bad! Sorry, I meant "undesirable" (there's no such thing as "bad").

There's a quote from the world of science, sorry but I can't remember who said it, Newton maybe: "If I have seen further it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants."

BTW, Absolutely adore the artwork of the sax player

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