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Alex Yates

Hey man, don't know if you read this. Not breaking news, but it articulates some of the details. Talk about a beast...


THEY WERE TIRED, OR SO TIRED, OF THE MISERY BuffaloSoldier salutes Floyd Mayweather/Shane Mosley. Floyd: "I was happy for his victory because he's a BlackAmerican and I'm a BlackAmerican" None of this AfricanAmerican stuff for him. Anyway, I said I'd make a clear distinction between the Soldier and the Travis Smileys. My case with The LionKing is pure identity. I don't fault or overly support his policies. I don't fault presidents because they aren't dictators like, say, Robert Mugabe. I did fault George W Bush because he wasn't elected. Therefore the will of the people was not at play. A man jumps off a cliff. Halfway down, he can't say I've changed my mind. Gravity has the last say. So it is with our choses. Especially, in elective government. For ill or for good, The LionKing was elected president of The Uniited States of America. All the Templars(Rush Blowhard, Savage Mike, Monica Crawing) can't change the facts. He was elected by an overwhelming mandate. SoulDoctor, when you see Travis, tell him The LionKing isn't The BlackPresident of the hood. He ran as MAINSTREAM. I have no idea what all of those people who cried and hooted at the Corniation er inaugaration expected. He didn't run on BlackPlatforms. There was no talk of %50 more infant mortality in BlackNeighborhoods. No talk dying infrastructures in both those neighborhoods and in the family structure themselves. No talk of the Prison industrial complex and no talk, of my personal favorite, reparations. Certainly no talk of the assualt on Black farming. So the %96 of the %96 that voted for a BlackMan Should have been educated by the Travis Smileys. And everybody else with Contract with Black America or whatever they call it. The LionKing is Mainsteam. Not Negro subculture.
Like any man, he is to be critized. But raked over the stones because he doesn't live up to realistic expectations? Nawwww! I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message. P.S. Panic not over the Rage of the Right. Didn't we see this movie before? Falling Down starring Micheal Douglass as Angry White Male.


BUT THEY HAD TO KEEP ON FIGHTING BuffaloSoldier salutes Rita Dove. that should read "But raked over the stones because he doesn't live up to unrealistic expectations"


I'm totally with you on the "despair" part. Our culture is in terminal decline due in large measure to a perceived lack of meaning and purpose, especially among younger people. Who knows where it will all end. Ah well, luckily you don't only live once.


Folks need to re-read Baldwin's The Price of a Ticket. I did two years ago. What a prophet Jimmy was. I am very careful of what I hear from my generation the baby boomers, both of the liberal and conservatives, what we see on the far-right is lead by Euro baby boomers, we need to place things in its context. What our children are facing is greater than what we faced coming out of H.S. in the sixties. Since the 1970's, this nation has been lied too by many poltical forces. It was actually an end, that was not dealt with and we have return to the issues. Why as Malcolm stated, I remain Independent. If you haven't seen this film, one should, our ethnic group has many.
Mister Johnson 1990 – a should be seen film
In my view Mister Johnson is someone we can ALL relate to, a man obsessed with being a bigshot in a town of nobody's and he will do anything to achieve it.

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