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Alicia Van-Weed

a fight is always worth it if it was a good fight..and it's mostly what gives us going - the fight

Karen  Simpson

Every time I come and read your posts. I learn more and more about how to be a good writer, how to approach the writing life as an African American writer. The part about about not letting another work take you off your own game is right on time for me as I struggle to write my next novel

And your whole Sunday post about the Afrospritual is powerful food for thought as writer of speculative fiction. Thank you so much for putting your thoughts down, for letting me see the struggle as you do your own work of "clocking pages. Can't wait until I can read your new novel.



BUFFALOSOLDIER,BEEN A LONG,LONG TIME BuffaloSoldier salutes RachelRobinson/DorothyHeight. (What a wonderful surname.) Well, the other shoe has finally dropped. Torii Hunter, echoing sentiments I heard in barbershops I've frequented in four states, prior to the election of the LionKing, in decrying the disappearance of FlackAmericans from America's past time, called "darkskinned LatinAmerican" baseball players "impostors" He says it gives the impression there are more BlackAmericans in the game than there really are. He says it's a major topic of conversation among BlackAmerican players. CCabathia said it's a "crisis" Whew! Hunter, if the latins are not Black but merely darkskinned Latins, why am I not just a darkskinned english speaking American? And how do you fit the LionKing in all of this? One point you made is that they're not what Jackie Robinson had in mind when he broke the color barrier. They don't have our "history" here, he said. Neither does the LionKing. He has no BlackFamily here. But %96 of voting BlackAmerica went for him. Mostly because they didn't think of him as a darkskinned white American. Rachel Robinson came to Newark, where I currently reside, and addressed schoolchildren. She talked about her husband to the Black and Latin children at her feet. Not once did she call the latin kids darkskinned impostors. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

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