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I WONDERED WOULD YOU SURVIVE IN THIS LAND BuffaloSoldier salutes StagecoachMaryFields. You know, SoulDoctor, the LionKing invited observations from Elizabeth Chang and the BiRacial(Multiracials,PostRacials)by playing fast and loose with identities. You asked about Chang's dog in the hunt because, I guess, she "self identifies" as Asian/White. Still, I've had enough encounters with the BiRacial nation to know they feel the ObamaPresidency was more of a validation of their identity than either Black or White. Asian/White is more in line with Black/White than Black is with either. I remember years ago when they first talked about "secession" and reached out to Halle Berry to join them. They wanted that high profile a face on their movement. The election of the LionKing brings back this movement. Certainly, as you've stated BlackAmericans are hopelessly mixed. And Latins? Forgedaboutit! As noted in the movie featuring Felipe Luciano, Black and white children are routinely brother and sister. Yes, the plan is to overturn OneDrop. Intramarry. But I have news for the Bis. My father was fond of this old joke. An agent with a big cigar is sitting behind a desk. A man walks in with a bucket full of water. He upraises his hand and the water parts. The agent takes out his cigar and says, "It's been done." This BiRacial Nation stuff was tried in a country called South Africa. The people were called the Coloreds. Supposedly a separate race from the Black and the White. More rights than Blacks, less rights than Whites. Don't think for a minute The LionKing didn't consider their fate before marking that box. There are a lot of reasons people "self identify" I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

arthur flowers

i hear you buffalo soldier

but my position still stands

its fundamental in the book of flowers to define black inclusively
rather than exclusively, we dont want to be a dwindling race

or cut off from everybody else mixing it up

in the future mixfolk will become more and more the norm
i want as many of them as possible to uphold the tradition

and define themselves as black, anything else would be cultural
suicide if you looking as far into the future as the strategic vision

will allow

if they do decide to identify, as has obama, im going to welcome them with open arms, im not going to be questioning the nuances and making them feel uncomfortable or unwelcome

the longgame demand it

this is fundamental play on my admonition to cast your vision young hoodoo as far as you can see, determine the challenges the tribe will face, prepare the tribal soul to meet them

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