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IN THE 1800S BuffaloSoldier salutes Hank Jones. I'm commenting here because the one above is closed. Well, SoulDoctor, the other shoe has fallen. I can now exhale. Gil Noble recently had two AFRICAN guests and I knew what was coming. The three of them were grinning from ear to ear. (How's that for a cliche?) One Brother was from East Africa, the other from South Africa. Gil puttered most of the hour away. But with ten minutes to go, it was on! His question? "What are your impressions of the first AFRICAN being elected President of the United States?" No pretense of AfricanAmerican, Black, Colored etc. And the answers were telling. The East African Brother said "Well, we knew we had the capabilities" He did throw in the obligatory "Martin Luther King would have made a fine president" Then it was all African examples. Hannibal, The Moors etc. See, our experience here forged what the natives call BRAND NEW SOLDIERS. We're not reconizably African because we've moved just a step beyond. Our problem is, we've fallen into the trap of thinking we're one step below. Like the Latinoes, We're Euro,Indian,African. And we somehow don't equate that experience with Hannibal, Moors etc. And unlike Teflon, and more like velcro, everything minus about this BlackAmerican experience sticks to us. Of course we're up close and personal with each other, so we see warts and all. But we sometimes define ourselves by our shortcomings. See, we're not in Brazil or Nigeria or The Dominican Repulic everyday. So we're not witness to other failings beside our own. This is why we allow The LionKing to leapfrog over JesseJackson, Dr. Lenora Fulani, Larry Holmes,Alan Keyes, Dick Gregory,Al Sharpton,Cythia McKenny,Carol Mosley Braun,Shirley Chisom, etc BlackAmericans all! Brand New Soldiers! It doesn't matter whether I agree with any of them or none of them, the fact remains Harry Reid didn't throw his support behind any of them. Why not?
This just in! BlackAmericans have been fleeing to interracial couplings at triple the rate of 1980. If you have some healing magic up your sleeve, I'm anxious to see the product. Otherwise folks will be encouraged by this election to believe that BlackAmerican is not the way to go. And in the future we won't even merit obligatory mention. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

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