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TELL ME WHEN WILL THEY CALL YOU A MAN. BuffaloSoldier salutes LenaHorne. I fully think the Black vs BiRacial conversation is one worth having. In light of all of the attacks on Black. Especially what exactly is "Black" BiRacial, MultiRacial isn't the first time people tried to flee Black. LenaHorne, though, isn't strickly BiRacial anyway. Her parents were lightskinned. They fell well within the confines of OneDrop. And Miss Horne didn't have today's options at all. Not saying she'd take them. She couldn't "pass" I've seen her in Person. She's just too dark. She wasn't an octorun or whatever you call it. The LionKing, if you'll remember, as Elizabeth Chang gleefully recounted, delighted the BiRacial world by declaring himself a "mutt". As time passed, though, he was more and more BlackAmericanized by his White House experiences. He wanted to be above all of that. My arguement with the Bis and the Multis is simple. You can call yourself BiRacial. You can call yourself Multicultural. You can stick a flag in your navel and call yourself the Spirit of '76. But unless mainstream America fully embraces your identity, you remain a negro with all that that connotates. That's what The LionKing discovered. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

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