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YOU KNOW MANY OTHER SOLDIERS WANTED TO DESERT. BuffaloSoldier Little Bobby Hutton. SoulDoctor, I was going to read and pass. I'm at a crucial point in the novel. But I'm compelled to respond. (Exactly why I'm not on facebook. I'd be unable to resist the compulsion.) Yes, Malcolm and Martin recieved crits. But they weren't above crits. What bothers me is if anyone crits the LionKing, a man placed before us, and not built up from the floor up, the way both Malcolm and Martin were, BlackAmerica snaps at them. I don't happen to think some of the crits he recieves are legit. But it is legit to question who designates which era is "post racial" and why someone not heard of before 2004 is the designated leader of the free world. PostRacial? Tell that to the BlackAmerican prison population. Camden is closing all of its libraries. BlackChildren still are more victims of infant baby syndrome than others. As for the alternative, it would have been Hillary. The repulsicans were going to lose anyway. They assured themselves of a lost by saying as a mantra The LionKing has no experience and then they raise up Sarah Palin who has no experience. They were like a fighter who loses the first few rounds only to come on strong later. Did the LionKing inherit a bad situation? You bet. But he ran for President knowing the situation. Eyes wide open. I'm sure that's why he never really whines. I'm sorry, Brother. But SashaObama got it right. "If you're the first BlackPresident, you better be a good one." Otherwise we're looking at DavidDinkinsTwo. One term with the lasting rep that the BlackMan is well meaning but incompetant. And those sentiments are far from postracial. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.


I am with you rdoc. I really do not know what my generation wants. I will be 60 years come September, and a combat Nam Vet. I am so blessed I can cry, is there much ahead you damn right, 1 out of 6 men from 28 to 54 will not find a jig, for we ate our children and damn near our grandchildren in this nation. What the f_k that got to do with one man is an illusion or denial. Yet all my male children are working or going to college.

Being watching this added Yoruba vs. Lucumi bs, or should they give food rights to the poor in India. I am for a stable and conscious leadership of local and regional Afro-blues folks. We better use this time to position ourselves w/o the backing of the federal goverance.

arthur flowers

true that, brotherme, brotherblood, brotherblack

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