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HE WAS THE HARD RIDING HERO OF THE 10TH CALVERY. BuffaloSoldier salutes Malcolm X. Yes, SoulDoctor, I hear you on Benjamin/West. But as Benjamin confesses, there's little to choose between them. I still maintain that The LionKing was the safe chose. Just as Jackie Robinson was over, say, Larry Doby. I believe his sort of exotic background helped with his election as well. That said, no man should never be held to standards they, themselves, did not set out to furfill. All Benjamin had to say, The President had no BlackIssues agenda. So why does West/Smiley keep holding him to one? Yes, there is a prison industrial complex. Sorry, Benjamin but I live in Newark. And I see a sort of herding BlackYouth toward those prisons. (Of course we all have free will and those kids make conscious choices. But, believe me, we make choices not in a vacuum.)So the West question is a legitimate one. But it's asked of someone who never had a previous opininon on the subject. At least not publicly or as a Presidential hopeful. SoulDoctor, if there's a next time for a BlackCandidate, I hope the Benjamin/West/Smiley connection make sure of the hopeful's agenda before getting excited and then disappointed. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

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