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THEY WERE TIRED OF THE HATRED. BuffaloSoldier salutes HotButteredSoul. Well, SoulDoctor, I see you now share some of the same misgivings experienced by TravisSmiley/CornelWest. Hopefully BlackPeople won't smite you in the person of Playthell Benjamin and realize that yours is the healing voice of a souldoctor. My misgivings began at the coronation er inauguration. And the wonderful SashaObama voiced my sentiment on national television. "So you're the first BlackPresident, huh? You better be a good one!" He hasn't been. Nor was he set up to be. "you be TRICKED," Malcolm might say. "You been had!" The Disney production was in full swing with this version of the LionKing. Reid and the gang, in an almost gloating moment, said "we looked for someone brown who could stick around." No one need apply if you have a history of Blackness beyond your own birth. And believe me, Brother, they factored in the BrotherMe,BrotherYou,BrotherBlood sentiment you and others have. Yes, you'd take a bullet for The LionKing. Would he, you? I say if he would, he'd go as hard as he can right now! Damn the torpedos! Don't whine about them talking about you. Of course they're going to talk about you. When I was little and complained the kids talked about me, my mother said, "Hey, they talked about Jesus Christ. So why not you?" See, for me, by skirting BlackIssues, from the door, it's like saying BlackPeople are some kind of fringe. WhiteClinton didn't skirt it. And remember, they said he and his wife murdered his best friend and dumped his body in the park. Malcolm X. Martin Luther King, 21 year old Fred Hampton. What did they all have in common? Those Buffalosoldiers took a bullet for BlackPeople. They certainly didn't think we were a fringe. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.


very entertaining (as usual). Get onto that novel, right now!!! d'you hear me? love the artwork, the guitarist.

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

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