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SO ONE DAY WE WOULD BE FREE BuffaloSoldier salutes Mrs. Garnett. No, she's not the figure I usually choose. You can look up anyone the Soldier salutes. Not Mrs. Garnett. So why her and why now? SoulDoctor, I must tell you my experience with the VOTE. Malcolm's edit was the Ballet or the Bullet. We didn't choose the Bullet, so we're left with the Ballet. Back in '70, I made my failed attempt at attending "higher education" I was a student at Tuskegee Institue. That was voting season down there and a bunch of us students were recruited to man voting booths in rural Alabama. The Southeners were so organized, we were taken into homes, bedded and fed the next morning. I was stationed at a booth in Geore Wallace's hometown. Now, being teens, we were, of course, bickering and trying to keep watch at the same time. Martin Luther King's lawyer was running for some office and we'd met him the day before. We were cautioned to watch out for people either being intimidated or being "guided" to vote for the candidate of the pollster's chose. We bickered and picked at each other until a hush came over us. A very old woman who needed assistance walking painfully made her way to the booth. She had a smile that stopped all bickering in its tracks. I was the last to help her to the booth and I stared down their appointed "pollster" When she came out, She looked at us with that bickering stopping smile and tearfully said, "I want to thank you young people for this glorious day." We learned later she was Mrs. Garnett and she was one hundred years old and it was the first time she'd ever voted. We were all young and were mostly Bullet folks. But we became proud Ballet folks then.
Flash forward to today. Before the LionKing, the booths were mostly empty. I voted in every election since. In the face of such toxic remonitons by fellow Black males, "I don't vote. Voting don't do nothing for nobody. I don't see why you do it, man" In my jobs in the hood, I've been outnumbered on the corners, in the workplace and in the barbershops. But I push on. The LionKing won't be on the ballet this time. And his folks made the kiss of death move of turning the last election into a cult of personality. So he doesn't have the needed coattails to pull in the Black Vote. But he nor anyone else has to remind this perpetual 19 year old. Since it's not the Bullet, it has to be the Ballot. Thank's Mrs. Garnett for this glorious insight. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

arthur flowers

so do i


congratulations on "I see the promised land"., If the writing in the book is anything like the writing in this blog, I'd better place an order, quick!

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

arthur flowers

thanks mastery, appreciate the props dear regulator

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