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IF THEY WANTED TO BE FREE BuffaloSoldier salutes MarvinGaye. SoulDoctor, in keeping with your wishes, I'm not doing reparations. But I feel compelled to explain my passion. I'm AfroIndian. So I'm concerned with the fate of those two, often mingled people. I'm especially an avocate for the 246. I don't know if everyone remembers that term. It was more a term of fact, rather than a term of separation. The 246 refers to the number of years of chattal slavery our ancestors had to endure. That's exactly how long it took to damage, some say irrecoverably,(not me, by the way,) us on these chores. In 2111, we will have finally equaled our time here in actual chains. 2111 is 246 later than 1865. That's why I've always been protective of the 246. Since 1865 we've added the bulk of other Blacks. AfricanBlacks-of which the LionKing is of that number. WestIndianBlacks-Harry Belifonte,Stokely Carmichal etc. LatinBlacks-Felipe Luciano,the early Pablo Guzman. But the special damage that's crippled the 246 screams for repar--er for repairs to that damage. That's what the BuffaloSoldiers sought to do in their way. That's what writers seek to do in their way. So being an advocate for the 246 is not knocking anyone else. It's just looking to extend charity here at home. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

arthur flowers

you misunderstood me my brother
i dont mind you making your case

for reparations, i just said you werent
going to change MY mind, but you more

than welcome to make your case for reparations
for the rest of us, you are in fact welcome to

make your case for reparations to me, you are
welcome to make any case you want in this space

i value your opinions, i value your contributions

to this dialogue, any other implication is sorely regretted

i am rickdoc and i approve this message

arthur flowers

addendum: was listening to marvin gaye, whats going on album when i read your comment, feeling the connection


BUFFALOSOLDIER, WHEN WILL THEY CALL YOU A MAN. BuffaloSoldier salutes Muhammed Ali. Sorry I misunderstood. I didn't want to cross any boundaries. I do try to add a dimension to tried and true ideas. In a coming Post I'll explore not the silliness of Reparations. But why others with lesser damaged history were sucessful in their campaigns because of the adult nature of their petitions. No free fried chicken for a year, a la Monigue. No Checks in the mail a la the Greens. As for Marvin Gaye, I still have the original album in the original cover. I always sensed there was something in him bursting to get out. But WHAT'S GOING ON went beyond all of my expectations. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this acknowledgement.

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