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Democracy as we know it is dead baby, dead - The return to local control and shaping is important now. Why I wait to see your book, for as Afro Blues Folks, we have a well of history, we need to pull from. The poor in the world are facing grave times. Haiti has always been my barometer. Places like Ghana have brought Western style politics going to hurt them in the long run. Our infrastructure, our schools have been corroding for a while now. Atlanta has water problems!! Maybe a little Authoritarianism will wake up my people. We have once before. Here is a fact

A graph of polarization from 1879 to 2009 looks like a U-shape, with the greatest cooperation occurring between about 1930 and 1960. The crisis of the Great Depression, the success of the New Deal and the unifying threat of World War II probably all contributed to bipartisanship during those decades, McCarty said.
Immigration and income inequality also influence polarization, McCarty said. The Republican Party draws voters from middle- to upper-income populations, he said, while the Democrats rely on middle- to lower-class voters. During time periods when the rich are richer and the poor are poorer, each group is more likely to vote based on their interests: Republicans become more anti-tax, while Democrats favor more redistribution programs.
Lately, Republicans have benefited from this effect, McCarty said, because a larger proportion of the poor are immigrants, whether legal or illegal. They can't vote, so wealthier constituencies have relatively more political clout.

from 1930 to 1960 hmmmm

arthur flowers

well i suspect we are in a big rich are richer and the poor are poorer spike now that will only continue to grow, unless obama is more of a miracle man than folk think he is - and ima tell you folk i think i believe in him even more now, its like we been thru the fire together and i like the way he handle himself, its like we back in the nam - me and you brother against the world


Oh I am fully behind the man - 19th Century Party politics is killing us a nation, baby brother. It is not going to work, especially with growing anarchy. White populism is not going to keep working, it is actually back firing and smarter whites have been addressing this for a while. Why I say that us in the Art and tradition of Juju better start looking at what happened before when the anger and competition for material resources got thick. Remember they called our populism in the 1960's - communist as a cover, and killed black citizens. We are still very close to our animal, remember we are only 5% different, and we eat our own and our unborn. Why our tradition that never left the synergy of animal/human/spirit has a trumped card

A working man intellectual, where very few media want to talk about

Two comments from yesterday

Yes, the American electorate has adopted the Veruca Salt mentality of "I want it NOW!" Deplorable - Rebecca Houston
Yes, the great American pastime of lashing out wildly, trying to correct our own stupid mistakes or taking shots in the dark in order to fix problems we haven't even taken the time to understand. - Zane


Oh forgot - a great look at our tradition
America: Populist Before It Was Capitalist

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