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IN THE 1880S, BuffaloSoldier salutes Jesse Little. The recent election conjured up oldfeelings about Black in the country that reminded me of GeorgeBushOne and the Clarence Thomas disaster. It reminds me that faith and Critical Thinking have two distinct roles and while they sometimes converge, sometimes one has to be chosen over the other. A man says he sees the face of the Virgin Mary in a potato and thousands line up. Fine. Now the potato instructs him to vote with an existing tyranny. Uh-oh. Not so fine. I listened to Monica Crawley smugly cackle that the LionKing will recieve TheBlackVote, no matter if it works in their favor or not. She and MadHatter teaparty land crowed that without him on the ticket, nobody came out. She didn't mean to but she did raise a concern. That brings us to GBOne and CT. When those of us of CriticalThinking cried foul at the selection, citing that he was being overtly cynical, figuring to just replace one Black with another, after the passing of the giant Thurgood Marshal, he smugly cackled that %70 of the BlackPopulace, the "faithful" as he identified them, not the elitists, as he identified Black CriticalThinkers, favored his choice. What does it mean? Do we allow critical thinking to be stampeded by the faithful, who may not be as well informed. Remember, Clarence Thomas was a name chosen out of a hat. Not one person I asked even knew of him. That brings us to the LionKing and the conditioning I fear in the works. We've now been conditioned to accept someone we've never heard of with a Muslim name. Muslim names have been comfortable with us for years. Re Muhammed Ali. So if someone were to exploit that new found comfort with out most important leader, it's not inconcievable that Project 21, in conjunction with the Madhatter Teaparty movement could run Akbar Shabazz for Pres. Ahhh, Akbar. Why not? And project 21? A very, very proud organization, priding itself on its extreme BlackConversativism. If they surrounded Clarence Thomas, he'd be the liberal in the room. Oh, and the man with the potato? He decided to vote with his stomach and had mashed that night. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this caution.

Karen Simpson

Glad to hear that your agent liked your new work!!!

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