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Answers lay with us the Afro-American folks, for we are Americana too, no matter what petrified meme the far-right drags from the bottom. As I said, the man has the mind of our trickster, for even Christianity must change its 2000 year old tune. It is the consciousness Afro-Americans that need to stay: Straight no Chaser. Waiting for your novel big brother, my small spiritual memoir will be out soon.

arthur flowers

my brother, are you the bluesman, i was looking for a email, ran up on the bluesman, is that you

nanakwame I guess it is me?

You gave me an inspiration to something I knew, and I am the one who knows Iya Katrina in Philly too. She is doing much better. You can e-mail from the site, in the gamer's market I have a reference book I put out a couple of years ago. I not a novelist, but I am working on a piece about Faith, that is what pushed us humans from Africa to the world we see today. I pop in to see how you are doing,and you always have gems. I call it my waterholes as a traveler who now has a new "net". I believe also that Aesthetics as the African knew made us human. You will do it my man.

arthur flowers

pleased to have found a new watering hole myself

a luta continua

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