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Foundation must be the known’s, like quintessence, but; fundamentalist deny life and culture. The greatness of our faith is that Africans came to this side of the water and from ritual and remembrance evolved ATR, some elements were bastardized by persons of ignorance wanting power. Yet the core of our belief became clear as we mixed with like minds, and understood the divine gift of reading signs and healing, over acquiring personal power. Why the maternalizing of our religious groupings was a gift. If you notice the Patron Saint of the Catholic Church in the Americas is Mary, mother of Jesus. If you notice Yemaja, Osun, and Oya are big time on this side of the waters, and they call the big boys to take care of business.
I theorize this is one of the problems for our young black men and the rise of rape, the dissonances created by militarizes society and the need for divine complementary of male and female. We conscious men are going to have to cut off the head, in a metaphor and physical sense violent homoeroticism, where the love of the male is shown by attacking the female or a sublimation by attacking gays, though everything male is adored. This has been developed by a society where violence is normal in language, and relationships. It has come home to roast. Even the play of sex has turn on its head, and the rise of gay bashing and rape of women rises the shadow of fascist motions, for even gays openly attacked gays to cover their ass in Nazi Germany.

Karen Simpson

Preach Dr.Flowers. Hope you got the book. Hope you enjoy it.


Joe Fisher aka PaPa Gede Nibo Bey " La Kwa " .

Let de church say ah men , en de name ob de " KONKER " .

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