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FROM PRISON CAMPS AND SLAVERY THIS BLACK MAN CAME TO BE. BuffaloSoldier salutes EttaJames. Whew. I watched the address last night and a friend from the 60s was with me. He asked me why do I insist on calling the President The LionKing. Fair enough. It's about recognizing the narration. The narrative was getting away from Disney. Disney being this SillySeasonal dance we do every four years. It's a worldwide narration, though. It involves the sweep of history. Talk about a longgame. The Berlin Wall coming down, Apartheid falling...Hell, Black Quarterbacks and Black Coaches bursting through, winning superbowls. That sweep of history was blowing this way fast. And when Colin Powell coyly played with the idea of playing presidential politics, it was time for Disney to step in and get in front of the narration once again. My friend told me he didn't get a job because he couldn't survive the "background" check. BlackAmerica, the 1619ers, can't survive the background check. Disney had to make sure the background was right. Enter the LionKing. Someone not of Chicago's SouthSide, NorthPhiladelphia, or straight out of Compton. Put him in front of the BlackMasses, let him win a SillySeason contest, make him electable and Disney curves the narration in a proper directions. BlackAmerica is not just TheRealHousewivesOfAtlanta, although that's the narration we're conditioned to believe. We're the StuntDouble, taking all of the blows, while the good looking Hero That Sings get the position we've earned. This ends part 1. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.

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