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HE WAS THE HARD RIDING HERO OF THE 10TH CALVARY BuffaloSoldier salutes LittleBobbyHutton Part 2 Why I call the President The LionKing. First, an irony that almost escaped me. He put on his BlackAmerican Identity, visiting New York and being interviewed on the Steve Harvey Show just as auditions were being held in Harlem for kids to appear in a production of the LionKing. I can't make this stuff up. Anyway, I remembered Jake La Motta the formal, formidable world middleweight boxing champion. He faced them all. Sugar Ray Robinson, Tony Janiro etc. With a ghost, he wrote his life story. The Raging Bull. Harry Reid er Hollywood came a knocking. He was overjoyed. He told anyone who'd listen he'd play the lead since it was him. Hollywood broke it to him gently. "Jake, you're not the type." They broke out Robert De Niro. "Now here's a Jake La Motta we can hang our hat on." It's the very same for BlackAmerica. We're not the type according to Disney/HarryReid and the guys. And to prove we're a weak field, we're thrown 999Cain/Keyes that fit nowhere/ and a West without a wing. That's you, BlackAmerica. And that's when we're not The Real HouseWives of Atlanta. So the third Irish President of the United States is a stand in for us(His own words while visiting Ireland: Nobody is more Irish than me!) We don't do our own vetting. That's why we're not even considering, say, Stewart Alexander. He might not be our cup of tea either. But nobody is checking him out. By the way, that's all that vetting means. It's more Ironic to me and telling that instead of Etta James signing ther signature song at the coronation, an actress that portrayed her in the movie did the honors. It's also ironic that all of those that did the crying at that same coronation are now at each other's throats. West/Belifonte/Smiley on the one side, Sharpton/Dyson/Williams on the other. Black Americans all! Have at it! Somewhere in all of the allcolades that accompanied the movie, I know Jake La Motta wishes he could have portrayed himself in reel life as he had to portray himself in real life. Just as I hope there will be no more stand ins for Black America either. I'm BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message.


How are you Sir? I sent my minimalist memoir to iUniverse, and the Times is out of their mind for buying license. They want me to pay for a clip on Fred Hampton, please. I just re-work it. I going to publish my first e-book. The ladies in NYC they love some Kindle.
It is some cray times. Iya Katrina is in South Africa and has published another book. Went to her 6_ birthday party and she had lived Jazz, my girl. Keep going on we need your story. Check out my lament, man the amount of musician and artist that left us since 2010 with Abbey was heavy. We wouldn't see that much talent on this Earth for many moons. Got me a twitter many for RSS feeds and #haiku @serendipnana
Peace Love, Rythmn


good luck with the publishing mountain, i was in brooklyn for louis reyes funeral and i went by the brooklyn library because i got there early and they have this ondemand printer in the lobby, apparently you can bring a text there and get it printed up,

they had samples of some of their works and the production quality was satisfactory, im plan to put that to use somehow, or something of that sort, i plan to publish my revised mojo rising myself and segue that into a publishing house - im in a mood to take care of business


OMG Louis Reyes passed, man I missed that one - wow I knew him since the Young Lords day. Yes why I use iUniverse you push your own

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