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YOU KNOW MANY OTHER SOLDIERS, THEY WANTED TO DESERT BuffaloSoldier salutes QueenMotherMoore First, the unarmed shootings of BlackKids and draconian laws are in full existance on the LionKing watch. How would reelecting him temper the repulsican movements? If anything, having him around would help them grow. Hate groups are in a 50 per cent rise and would go even higher. That's not to say that I want him out of office. I'm just asking us, since we're the most affected, on how he was put in place in the first place. It's not me, but Samuel Jackson who said he voted for The President because he was black. I feel that sentiment was reflected in %96 of the %96 of Blacks that voted for him. There must never be a time where we mindlessly follow lockstep anyone. Our old mantra used to be "We don't have permanent friends or permanent enemies, we have permanent interest." We're in a state of crisis, true, but when haven't we been in a state of crisis. Didn't we call our position here the United State of Emergency? We can't forget yesterday because our position today is pressing. I've said all along, you've won. I said it in '08. The LionKing won by a landslide. I expect the same thing this time. He's a bit more bloodied, but he's still Muhammed Ali in the 14th round of the Thrilla in Manila. GlenBeck/AnnCoulter/RushLimbaugh won't be out for the 15th. Still, he Brown, Brother, and I don't mean that in the complexion sense. He still goes down much easier than us who are Black. America was sold on his story, not neccessarily ours. The African Father, The Irish American Mother, the years spent away from here. I'm sorry. I didn't prepare the narrative and I didn't sell it. Question? In '16, he'll be gone. Who will we be expected to suit up for then? I'm BuffaloSoldier and, certainly, I approve this message more than any other.


THEY WERE TIRED OF THE HATRED BuffaloSoldier salutes NatLove. First, an apology. I didn't mean to imply that Brown was either a complextion or a biracial concept. I meant the old saying, "if your white, you're right. If you're brown, stick around. But if you're black, get back get back. I meant the narration worked because The LionKing didn't actually have to be seen as GetBackBlack. That means he isn't subgroup. He's mainstream. What's wrong with mainstream? Absolutely nothing. I just feel the narration should be more inclusive. GetBackBlackAmerica is as mainstreet as we come. I'm BenCarver,GetBackBlack, and when I walk into a room full of surgeons, I'm the most sophisticated, accomplished man in that room. I'm GetBackBlack Donna Brazil and when I sit in on ABC Sunday morning, George Will knows he's no longer the brightest bulb on the set. I'm GetBackBlackJamesBaldwin and John Steinbeck has nothing on me. I could go on and on. There's no need for us to be relegated to a subgroup. AfricanAmericans for The President, Latinos For The President, Women for The President, Gays for The President. MainSteam America for The President. That has the better ring. As for my suiting up, I've been a part of the voting public since '72. And beating up the President? That wasn't me wagging my finger in his face on the tarmeck. A GetBackBlackPresident wouldn't have stood for it. I'm Buffalosoldier.


THEY WERE TIRED OF THE HURT BuffaloSoldier salutes QueenMusicianAbbeyLicoln. SoulDoctor, no matter what I say, it's like I told Amiri Baraka in the barbarshop where we were getting our hair cut, you are a BAAAAAAD man to take on the Brer Rabbit and attempt an act of rescue. That's all we've been trying. All of our literature are acts of rescue. And you're right about me and the HoodieMovement. It's a RightNow phenom and I do hope it doesn't fizzle. But I don't remember a comprehensive movement developing after Diallo/Bell. As for music and literature, I believe with The Great Trumpet Player, that everything good is evergreen and everpresent.(No, I can't think of his name) But he partnered with Charlie Parker and never talked of the Brother in Past tense. He always said, "Here's how Charle does it, here's how Louie does it, here's how the Duke does it." Their music and their meaning is always NOW. So rescue Brer Rabbit, Brother. We will be the better for it. BuffaloSoldier on the horse.

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