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THEY WERE TIRED, OH SO TIRED, OF THE MISERY BuffaloSoldier salutes BillyHoliday. Here's the huge advantage of being 1619 GetbackBlack. Having a liniage here means I can answer your don't get it question. It's 2012, right? And we're up against it. We were more up against one hundred years ago. 1912. It was just the Titanic that was sinking. How do I know? I wasn't here yet. But my family was. Mom was 14, Dad was 16, and GrandMom was 31. Every church Sunday, they heard the preachings of a coming armaggedon. They didn't have a LionKing then. They had themselves and themselves alone. How do I know? Because they always prefaced everything by saying, "you think you have it bad now. But if you had been in my day..." I draw strength from them. As King did. As Malcolm did. I'm sorry, but we have to be made of the same stuff our folks were. We can't panic in the face of "rightwing acdencies" I'm not completely sold on it, by the way. After all, we're hearing all of this rightwing stuff because the circus is in town and the clowns are piling out of the tiny cars. If this was baseball, they're having a good inning. But we haven't come up to bat yet. And remember The WarHero lost by a landslide even though all of his ducks, Limbaugh/Hannity/Beck/, were lined in a row. So, yes, I stand by GetBackBlack. Our people right here in BlackAmerica took all of the blows, did all of the suffering, and it would have been symmetric, if one of that number had become the "all-important" FirstBlackPresident. Someone walking into the whitehouse whose actual ancestors had built it. I'm the BuffaloSoldier. On another note, I have the info on the Man we discussed and you'll have everything tomorrow.

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