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IN THE 1800s DOWN IN ARIZONA AND MEXICO, THERE CAME A BRAND NEW SOLDIER BuffaloSoldier salutes BlackAmericanFolklore. Once and for all, I don't despise The LionKing. No more than champion boxer didn't despise Jerry Cooney. I just find the timing of his acendency suspicious. As did Holmes of Cooney. Certainly, Holmes figured, there were other worthy contenders available, those who had spilled more blood and paid more dues. So why him and why now? Then there was the torturous reads of both Newsweek and Time magazine. The trumpeting of PostRacial and The LionKing was their poster boy. Yes, sir, Brother. "This is no child of South Side, Chicago, or Brownsville, Brooklyn or North Philadelphia." He was more PostRacial than Tiger Woods, for example, and he didn't stick his foot in his mouth by saying, "I'm Cablasian" They underlying sentiment was "no, he's not one of us, but he's not exactly one of them either." Not exactly. How many of them can claim a direct Kenyan liniage? So we can safely vote for him, show our great liberal status, and still hold that nothing good ever came out of our nation's BlackBottoms. And in the end, we know, that the novelty will wear thin. And he might as well be from those BlackBottoms. It's a lot like when the city fathers see that George Washington High is beginning to fail, so they rename the school George Washington Carver and bring in the first black principal. Then as it completely goes under they can point to the principal and blame his incompetence. "Something we always knew about those people." We and The LionKing fell into a big, classic trap. I think we should have been less trusting and more vigilant. Mom always said if someone seems too good to be true, you better take a closer look. I'm the BuffaloSoldier and I approve this message

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