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THERE CAME A BRAND NEW SOLDIER BuffaloSoldier salutes H. Rap Brown It's my fervent hope that BlackAmerica are not voting for a Black President as opposed to voting for a better future. I don't want Blacks to vote Black no more than I want whites to vote White. If they do, you can forget a return to the white house for a Black Man...ever. The biracial man, as one biracial sister told me, is the best hope for the changing face of America. Her face she said. And I know she's not alone. By the way, she's East Indian and Chinese. And she feels that Barack Hussein Obama is more of her Brother than of mine. You can imagine the arguments. But if whites vote White, as I told her, both of us will be in the cold. So let's vote Obama, if that's out inclination, because he has the best policies to put in place. For now and for our future. I'm Buffalo Soldier and I approve this message

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